Pinto Art Museum

Actually this is the first time i got here even though I’m a residence of Antipolo, hehehe. Anyway, I take some pictures to tour you halfway.

The Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9:00 am up to 6:00 pm. Located at 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdv. Brgy. San Roque. Antipolo 1870. We take a visit Friday at 11 am, and at that time the sun is up, so the atmosphere is really so hot. So make sure you have any of the following, or it’s much better if you have them all; face towel, an umbrella & a fan, oh one more thing.. changing of clothes is not allowed inside by the management.

(Picture Above) The entrance and exit of the museum

Upon entering the area, pay the entrance fee first.

Below are the following rates:

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Back packs are not allowed inside so you need to surrender it to their office, just bring your valuable things.

Enjoy and have fun, and what makes it more fun? Be with your crazy friends & love ones.

What will you see inside and outside of the museum? It’s the art craft of any person who has the ability to create a figure which you will thought of so many things in mind. Just like what I take a shot of them.

Yes, most of the pictures will feel you a bit sad, lonely , amaze and somewhat creepy.